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In The Lurch

I am five months removed from my ex-girlfriend of 3 1/2 years moving out. She began pressing for the final step and I resisted. I told her she was who I wanted, but I needed to wrap my arms around the finality and “leap of faith” of marriage. Things got awkward so we agreed she […]

Heartfelt Remarks / Inviting Offers

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Heartfelt Remarks My husband and son had a bad dispute in August, and my husband made some “comments” about our son’s wife. My husband and son have since reconciled to the point of being polite, talking and joking, but there is still some strain and resentment on our son’s part. Our daughter-in-law still wants nothing […]

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Narrow Escape / Starting Point

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Narrow Escape I have been in a relationship with this guy for almost two years. After a couple of months, he made a suggestion that we should let each other know about our whereabouts and ask permission to do certain stuff. He doesn’t like me wearing any makeup or exposing my body too much, and […]

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Where There’s Smoke / Skin Deep

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Where There’s Smoke I am currently dating a man I know I could fall in love with. Everything matches up—physically, emotionally, sports, and our ideas about the future. But he is legally separated from an alcoholic wife who is the mother of his two teenage daughters. Today she was arrested for drunk driving and hit-and-run. […]

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To The Victor

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I am dating a man who is going through a divorce. We are together for a year now, and the divorce process just started for him. He moved out of the house three months ago, and his ex-wife to be and two teenagers know about me. They were married 18 years, and as I understand, […]

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