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Eye On The Ball

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I’m 25 and I’ve been with my boyfriend seven years. We were long distance for most of it, until two years ago when I moved home after attending school abroad. Let’s just say when I returned things were not what I was expecting. What was I expecting, you ask? Well, I was expecting him to […]

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Invisible Woman

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My boyfriend and I plan on buying a home together. He has been divorced 12 years and has four adult children, two boys from his first marriage and two girls from the second. They grew up together on weekends with their father and his second wife. He and his first wife hate each other. He […]

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Down With The Ship

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I am a married man whose wife is a binge drinker. We have four children at home. My wife was a great mother and my best friend. She’s been drinking now for 15 years, gone to meetings, and had all there is to be offered by the National Health Service. When she left us, she […]

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Good Woman / Is This Love?

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Good Woman My fiancée has asked me to find a new friend for my ex-wife. For reasons I cannot fathom, my ex-wife has made a confidante of my fiancée. My ex-wife is a good woman, but she can become clingy and negative. My fiancée, unfortunately for herself, is friendly and polite–very polite. Since my ex-wife […]

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Blindside / Young Spaniards

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Blindside My ex-husband left me a week before Thanksgiving. We had built a brand-new home, moved our things in, and a month later he left me and our two young sons. The day before we had measured our backyard for a patio, made love, and ate dinner together. I fell asleep with him telling me […]

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