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To The Victor

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I am dating a man who is going through a divorce. We are together for a year now, and the divorce process just started for him. He moved out of the house three months ago, and his ex-wife to be and two teenagers know about me. They were married 18 years, and as I understand, […]

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When I met her, I had two months before my student visa expired. The first two months were nice, as they often are. She said, “Why don’t I come back with you when you return home.” Neither of us had anything to stay for, so she came with me. I then discovered she could be […]

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10 Fatal Traps You Must Avoid

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1. « Making a mountain out of a molehill » Do you want to live in peace with your beloved? Then, first, control yourself. Losing your temper, showing constant anger, or shouting for pointless reasons is obviously very harmful. Try to throw back quarrelsome, authoritarian attitudes: you can contain your reactions: stop being so sensible […]

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Across The Pond / No Way Back

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Across The Pond After I split from my husband, I met a lovely Englishman at a bar in New York. He ended up staying with me for a week. He was on a cross-country trip which would end in California. We talked almost every day on his cross-country drive, and he eventually asked me to […]

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False Allegiance / No Call List

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False Allegiance My boyfriend’s mother has treated me unfairly from day one, and he has witnessed her behavior. Surely I couldn’t have done anything to upset her before we even met. When my boyfriend told me after we marry his mother’s issue becomes my problem, I reached my patience’s end and broke it off. Three […]

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