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Middle Man / Suspicions

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Middle Man I’m torn about how to handle this. My 23-year-old daughter got engaged last November. This weekend she and her fiancé visited us. Yesterday I sat down at my computer and her fiancé’s e-mail was still open. In the sent mail I found pictures of his ex-girlfriend wearing nothing but a partially-open robe. This […]

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Full Circle / Bullseye

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Full Circle In 2003 I started dating Philip, a man nine years my senior. We dated three months, and he kept our relationship a secret from everyone. Later I dated one of his friends, and we fell in love and married. It was not until I dated my husband that I learned while I dated […]

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From Ashes

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My life has been a disaster. My father was a legendary drunk who lied, chased women, and left us penniless when he died at age 48. My mother was hooked on prescription pills, smoked like a chimney, and was miserable until she passed. My sister is alcoholic and will probably die drunk. I managed to […]

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Career Choice / Partly Changed

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Career Choice I have been dating this guy four months. We got along well until a girl in one of our university classes started pushing herself on him, asking to see his notes, and touching his stuff while sitting beside him. I am also in the class, but don’t sit with him because I like […]

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Where There’s Smoke / Skin Deep

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Where There’s Smoke I am currently dating a man I know I could fall in love with. Everything matches up—physically, emotionally, sports, and our ideas about the future. But he is legally separated from an alcoholic wife who is the mother of his two teenage daughters. Today she was arrested for drunk driving and hit-and-run. […]

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