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Fair Weather Friend

My best friend Becky and I have known each other since we were 12. We are now both 48. Nine weeks ago I broke my ankle and was on the couch for eight weeks. This left me horribly housebound, not even able to get myself a cup of coffee or drive, because I needed crutches. […]

Same Old Song

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A few years ago I put together and headed a special team at work, consisting of myself, a close female friend, and a male. We became a close team just by personality and the nature of our work. He was single when we began working together and private in his personal affairs. When he married, […]

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Dishonorable Discharge

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Seven years ago I was involved with a married military officer. In the beginning I was unaware he was married. He chose to tell me after three weeks. After a lot of back and forth and pursuing me, I weakened, and the affair lasted six months. Then he, his wife, and children were moved to […]

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From Ashes

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My life has been a disaster. My father was a legendary drunk who lied, chased women, and left us penniless when he died at age 48. My mother was hooked on prescription pills, smoked like a chimney, and was miserable until she passed. My sister is alcoholic and will probably die drunk. I managed to […]

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