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Finis / Too Perfect

Finis I’m in my 40s, never been married, with long-term relationships over the years and casual dating in between. My current eight year relationship has evolved into a state of inertia. While I’ve done it all—dating services, personal ads, fix-ups, taking classes, hobbies, you name it—the One just hasn’t shown up. Oh yeah, one or […]

The Illusionist

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I am a faithful reader of your column and would like to hear your answer. I used to date a guy who claimed he liked me. He is a nice person, and I feel I can trust him. During one of our conversations defining what we had between us, he told me he couldn’t forget […]

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Hard Lessons

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I know this is all my fault. I know I had the right to say no, but I didn’t because everyone deserves a chance. The thing that hurts most is he knew the complications he was bringing into my life. My parents believe in arranged marriage, and they disapproved of this man. But I felt […]

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Within His Power

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I need some answers to my life. I lost my mother to cancer in the early ‘90s and met my wife the same year. Through the years there have been many ups and downs, good times and bad times. There’s been cheating on each other, more on my wife’s side, and we are both victims […]

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Speed Dating

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I am a 19-year-old college freshman who has never been married. I am actually dating my first boyfriend, but that is by choice, because I never wanted to be a part of the high school drama scene. I wanted a mature relationship that transcended all that. However, I seem to have gotten myself far too […]

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