Officer And A Gentleman

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I was out with friends the other day and met a handsome fellow who is a military pilot. He approached me and we began to chat up a storm. We talked about everything from our families to our favorite movies.

I’m 25. He’s 29. Before I left he asked for my number and we exchanged the digits. Later that night he texted me and told me how nice it was meeting me and how he hoped he would see me again sometime. After I replied with similar flattery, he asked me out to dinner the next day!

The next day he texted asking if I wanted a fancy or casual dinner and if I had any other preferences. All the texts were super cute and exciting. He picked me up at 7 p.m., came to the door and everything.

We went out for a nice dinner on the water and had the most amazing conversation. He talked about why he enlisted, where he’s been, and some of his goals. I then shared mine. The whole date was at ease and flowed well.

The waitress made the comment that it looked like we’d known each other forever. We made each other laugh, too. After dinner we walked by the river and sat on a swing bench and talked some more. He asked if I was cold and put his arm around me.

After more wonderful conversation, he asked if I would like to watch a movie at his place. I agreed. After renting a comedy and watching about an hour of the movie, he leaned in and grabbed my face with both hands and began to kiss me. We had a make-out session which did not lead to sex, but was pretty intimate nonetheless.

After we were done getting physical, I lay on his chest while we talked more and he brushed my hair with his fingers. Disclaimer: I normally do not get intimate on the first date, but there was such a strong connection and chemistry both physical and emotional.

Anyway, he drove me home, walked me to my door, kissed me again twice and told me he had an absolutely wonderful night. He then said he has to fly overseas for a few days with his crew but would get back to me when he returns.

He said he isn’t allowed to text while overseas and wanted me to know that so I didn’t think he was ignoring me. He then said he would love to get together when he returns and has more free time.

By my calculations he should be back in the next day or so. How does this sound to you? Do you think he will call? I am trying not to get too excited in case he doesn’t, but I really like this guy.


Sierra, some scientists, including a few Nobel Prize winners, say nothing in physics prevents information from flowing backwards. That means, sitting here in the present, some people may be able to reach into the future and know what will happen.

But it doesn’t work that way for most of us. We are like the elderly woman who wrote Stephen King and asked him to finish “The Dark Tower” saga quickly because she wanted to know what happens before she died.

You talked to this man for hours, you’ve been close to him. What does your gut tell you? That is your best guide.

One thing we will say is, you went too far on the first date. Let it develop from here on out. Time is the measure of a man, and love builds in time spent. Get to know him and those he is close to. Don’t get ahead of yourself.

You offered a prayer to the unknown that things go as you want them to. We hope they do.

Wayne & Tamara

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