Can I Still Get Her Back?

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You cheated on your ex girlfriend, she broke up with you , and now you want to get back together with your ex girlfriend.. Most people will say that the relationship is over after an affair. But any relationship can be saved, even after an affair.

When your wife or girlfriend has broke up with you for cheating on her, can be one of the more difficult situations for getting your ex back. One of the most obvious reasons for this, is that your have compromised the trust your ex had in you.

Restoring the trust in a relationship takes work, and it will not happen overnight. But if you are sincere about wanting to get back together with your ex, it can be done.

Before you start taking steps to restore the trust your ex had in you. You first need to identify what the problem is in your relationship that led you to an affair with another woman. You would not have cheated on your ex if there was not a problem somewhere in the relationship.

There can be a problem you may not be aware of without some honest answers to questions you need to ask yourself. Take some time to think about what is going on in the relationship that drove you to the arms of another woman. Rather the problem(s) is something your doing, or it is something your ex is doing, or it is something both of you are doing. Find it, identify it, and have a clear understanding of exactly what the problem is.

Once you have identified the problem in the relationship… FIX IT.

If you get back together with your ex just because the two you have identified a problem, and you have not fixed it. You are going to cheat on her again, and this relationship is not going to work.

Here is some good news though. Finding the problem and understanding clearly what the problem is. Is the hard part. Fixing the problem is not really that difficult. That is not only true in a relationship, it is true in any situation. Not matter what if something is not working, you can’t fix it if you do not know why it is not working. But when you know why something is not working, anything can be fixed.

Now that you have identified the problem and found a way to fix it. You can start rebuilding trust with your ex. It will still take her some time to fully regain her trust in you. But with the problem that caused you to cheat on her out of the way, there is no threat of you cheating on her again. Regain her trust the same way you did to earn her trust to begin with. Let human nature do the work for you. Do not give her any reason to distrust you again. Remember, trust is earned, it is not a rite of passage.

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Author Bob Atlex says, “Over a half million couples in the United States alone break up every day, only 25% ever get back together. If your a man or woman who wants to reunite with your ex I want to do what I can to help you do this.