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These online dating tips for men will give you that advantage you need when it comes to attracting single woman online. With men usually outnumbering the women by 2 to 1 that edge will get you noticed more, and get you more replies to your e-mails.

First thing any lady is going to see about you is your photo. This is the first point of attraction so if you get this wrong they’ll just move on to the next profile. You need a the main photo on your profile to be from the shoulders up. You can get away with waist up but any further away, and it can be a struggle sometimes to see you. You want the photo to be clear as well, and not too dark or blurry. If your photo is surrounded by a bunch of other photos that are close up and in focus your photo will not get looked at. You can use other photos of you on holiday or doing an activity, but save them for the extra photos in your profile.

Your user name will be important as well. Don’t pick one that women will take offence too. Anything with a sexual innuendo or something else of that nature will instantly turn them off. You need to be creative. Base it on a hobby, or a character from a film or show you like, make it stand out.

Once you have passed them tests the detail in your profile will get scrutinized. This is where you have to be 100% honest. If you’re not honest you will get caught out at some point then you’ll be back to square one. Then the effort you put in getting your photo and username right will have been wasted. Honesty is the best policy, and if you do it from the start you will have no worries about making any mistakes later on.

Your next move is contacting the single women. You get a few options here. If you’re on your free trial period all you will be able to do is send a smile or a flirt. If a single women gets 100 flirts in her inbox every day, how many will she reply to? Probably none. If you want to impress a women you have to send her a personalized e-mail, and to do this you will have to pay for your membership. This will cost you less than a night out for a month, so you won’t break the bank. It will be money well spent when a women you are attracted to replies to your e-mail. Use a spell checker if you can, and read your e-mail allowed so you can here the mistakes if you have made any. If you send an e-mail full of typos and grammatical errors it will just get deleted. Remember you want to impress her, and make your e-mail stand above the others in her inbox. Mention something you have seen in her profile so it doesn’t look like something you have sent to 20 other women.

If you do happen to get women that doesn’t reply to you don’t start harassing her. If she doesn’t reply move onto someone else. A good Online dating service will show you when a single was last online. If they have been online since you sent them an e-mail chances are they have read it, and decided not to reply.

If you’re not getting the results you’re after, and your missing some of the above information in your approach a few small changes will change your success rate.

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